GS Harness 

The GS Harness is a universal harness that can be used to deliver a controlled force to the cervical spine, lumbar spine and the joints of the arms and legs. It has a hand crafted leather strap with internal padding, an external high tension cord and stainless steel pulley system with a maximum load of 350kg.  Weighing only 400g, one size fits all.

The pulley acts as part of the dynamic force equalization system that distributes loads evenly through the strap and prevents adverse force vectoring. Its unique design also allows dynamic loading of the cervical spine with stabilizing straps that detach if the correct angle of force is not maintained.  Purchase a harness and get access to exclusive training content on GS Online.



GS Online

GS Online is a new feature that includes exclusive GS Harness workouts.  You will find videos demonstrating how to use the harness and how to exercise various parts of your body using the harness.  

It features exercise programmes for particular parts of the body with various phases (I - IV) and specific progression criteria to progress through each phase.  It also contains a forum for members to discuss their harness workouts and other related matters.

Purchase a Harness and get access to exclusive training content now!


What's Included?

1.  Central Strap.

2.  Dynamic Force Equalisation system permitting dynamic       and positional loading.  ROM markers to set range of       movement.

3.  Chin strap with ladder lock.

4.  Attachment for head adjustment.

5.  Shock cords.  One black (10 kg) and one red (5 kg)

Each harness will come with a drawstring bag

Manuals can be obtained by logging into to GS Online


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