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An elite athlete experience, delivered to you.  Find out more.


Welcome to GS FITNESS.  We provide fitness and leisure clubs with the means of delivering an elite and world-class health and fitness service to their clients.  Our system will determine the peak forces that muscle groups in the body can generate, the rate at which the muscle fatigues and the range of movement achieved through individual joints.  


Knowledge is power and the more we know about our bodies, the better able we are to improve ourselves.  With GS Fitness, you can tell your clients exactly how strong they are by applying a numeric value to strength, rate of fatigue and range of movement.  These values can be tracked over time which will empower your clients and their personal trainers to make informed decisions regarding training.  Furthermore, areas of weakness which can predispose to injury can be identified and targeted in training.  Our service has delivered tremendous benefits to elite athletes world-wide.  We feel these benefits should be shared by anyone with a desire to improve their health and fitness.  


Goal Setting and Initial Analysis

Tell your GS trainer your health and fitness ambitions.  You will receive an initial analysis which depending on your goals, can include peak strength analysis, fatigue rating, ROM assessment and muscle circumference assessment.

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