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Injury Prevention in Football

At GS we understand that Injury prevention in association football is crucial to the success of the team and the club as a whole.  For the individual, injuries can be career threatening.  For this reason, it is essential that clubs invest in effective injury prevention strategies

Through the work GS have completed within premier league football and the growing body of research, it is suggested that knee injuries are the most common form of injury with Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries causing significant morbidity and seasons to end prematurely.  Hamstring injuries are another significant cause of morbidity amongst football players. 


Increasingly, we are seeing an increased awareness of concussion in football.  This was brought to the world’s attention when Loris Karius was Concussed during the 2017-18 Champions League Final


What the GS Analyser can offer you?


Concussion prevention

Football players are particularly susceptible to concussion. A concussion results in a change in mental state due to a traumatic impact to the head. Not all those who suffer a concussion will lose consciousness. Some symptoms and signs that a concussion has been sustained are headache, dizziness, nausea, loss of balance, drowsiness, numbness/tingling, difficulty concentrating, and blurry vision. The athlete should return to play only when clearance is granted by a health care professional.

Research has shown that neck strengthening is crucial in concussion prevention.  Collins et al published a study in 2014 which demonstrated that with every pound/half kg increase in neck strength, the odds of concussion decreased by 5%.

Unlike anything seen before, the GS Analyser offers the ability to safely and accurately assess neck strength.  Screen your player's neck strength and identify those at a greater risk of concussion.  Furthermore, we offer a proven intervention - the GS Harness as an effective neck strengthening tool.

Working with Professor Hamish Kerr of Albany University, New York, we have been conducting research using the GSA to assess neck strength in the management of return to play after sports-related concussions (SRC).  The study on the right was presented to the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine in April 2018 which was well received.  Professor Kerr has been successful in receiving a grant to continue with this work in United States using the GSA.


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