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GS Harness 

Full Body Workout

Remove the head and chin strap and your harness can be applied to any part of the body, allowing you to complete a full body workout anytime, anywhere.

The high quality leather padding fits comfortably on any part of the body.  The pulley system will evenly distribute the force across the straps and prevent any injury that may occur through adverse vectoring of force.


The Time lapse video featuring the following workouts in time order (15 kg tension, 10 repetitions each):

1.  Neck extension

2.  Neck right side flexion

3.  Neck flexion

4.  Neck left side flexion

5.  Left and right elbow flexion (Biceps)

6.  Left and right elbow extension (Triceps)

7.  Right and left pectorals group

8.  Right and left shoulder internal & external rotation

9.  Left and right knee extension (Quadriceps)

10. Left and right hip adductors and adbuctors.

For more workouts, purchase a harness and become a member!

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