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GS Harness + Analyser 

Concussion Prevention

There are many benefits of having a strong neck.  It provides you with the ability to absorb forces more effectively and safely, and therefore reduce the risk of concussions and other injuries.  

The Neck

A Shock Absorber for the brain

The neck is designed to mitigate the forces that are applied to the head.  Several studies have shown that the stronger the neck, the lower the prevalence of concussion.  Collins et al published a study in 2014 which demonstrated that with every pound increse in neck strength, the odds of concussion decreased by 5%. (

The GS Harness is proven and effective neck strengthening tool.  The GS Analyser is a proven tool in testing neck strength.  GS offer a complete solution.

Below is the result of cervical testing using the GS Analyser of a client.  Using the GS Harness for 1 year, the client's neck strength had increased by over 20% from 31.61 kg to 38.31 kg in cervical extension


Neck Strength.png

Concussion Prevention in Children

Children who participate in contact sport such as rugby, boxing or taekwondo are at risk of concussion.  Protect your child from concussion by ensuring they have a strong neck.

The following video is by Petrus du Plessis, professional rugby player for London Irish and physiotherapist, demonstrating neck strengthening exercises using the GS Harness.

Concussion in Children

Informed return to play decisions after sports-related concussion

Working with Professor Hamish Kerr of Albany University, New York, we have been conducting research using the GSA to assess neck strength in the management of return to play after sports-related concussions (SRC).  The study on the right was presented to the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine in April 2018 which was well received.  Professor Kerr has been successful in receiving a grant to continue with this work in United States using the GSA.

Neck study.PNG
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