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GS Analyser 

The GS Analyser is a highly accurate, objective measurement and recording system for neuromusculoskeletal assessment and rehabilitation.  The GS Analyser is designed to measure the isometric voluntary muscle contractions of the body’s muscle groups.  This can be done maximally to measure a peak force, sub maximally to measure a fatigue rating, or against a template to perform rehabilitation.  It is vital to isolate the muscle group being assessed, minimising recruitment, and ensuring that the GS Gatherer is measuring the isometric force; to do this, the GS Analyser utilises a range of positions for the client.




The GS Analyser measures peak isometric muscle contractions - i.e. your "one-rep max".  Validated and highly accurate.   Measure anywhere from your head to toes.

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The GS Analyser can measure and quantify the rate at which your muscles fatigue.  An essential for endurance athletes.



The GS Analyser offers unparalleled control over the rehabilitative process.  Create and define your own rehabilitation program.

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