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GS Analyser 

Analysis Suite

The GS Analysis Suite works in conjunction with GS Harness and the GS Gatherer as a tool for assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries using force analysis. The GS Analysis Suite is a bespoke piece of software for collecting, organising and visualising the forces measured by the GS Gatherer.

Data is viewed in real time, as measurements are being taken, for immediate response by the client or operator. Once the measurement is complete, the data are automatically saved allowing for more in depth analysis or generation of reports when required.

Responsive and in Real-time

The GS Analyser connects wirelessly and instantly to the GS Analysis suite without delay.  This is an essential feature as the user and client get immediate feedback.

The video on the right is a demonstration of a neck fatigue assessment.  Here, the client is applying a fixed force (half of one-rep max) and his performance is determined by how long he can hold that force for.  In order for the client to know whether or not he is applying the correct force, the analysis suite displays a real-time tracing of his force over time.  A horizontal black line represents the target force and the client must keep the tracing as close to the black line as possible.


Part 1

Opening screen and information resources.

Part 2

Creating the test and calibrating the load cell.

Part 3

Testing - Peak force, fatigue, rehabilitation.

GS AS Tutorial
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