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Complete Neck Testing/Training Package - NEXUS System + GS Harness + Harness App

**8 week lead time due to high demand**


We are proud to introduce the NEXUS SYSTEM.  Truly a first of its kind.  Utilising our patented load-cell technology, we have created an intelligent training device that allows you to train all major muscles of the body including the neck.  The NEXUS SYSTEM will instantly create a personalised training programme designed for YOU.  Test the strength and fatiguability of your muscles.


⌚️ Touch screen watch interface with wireless connectivity to our next-generation force sensor
🎵 Audio-visual feedback on training
🪄 Automatic training programme generation
💪 Muscle strength/fatigue testing
🏋️‍♂️ Real-time force data in training mode
🛠 Training program builder
🔋 USB charging
⚡️Charging base for extended use  


Comes with free 1 year warrenty.



GS NEXUS Transmitter Unit

GS NEXUS Receiver Unit (Watch)

GS Harness

Charging Base

Watch Stand

Carry Case

Door Anchor

Fixed cord for muscle testing




GS Harness: 

The GS Harness is a universal harness that can be used to deliver a prescribed load to the cervical spine, lumbar spine and the upper and lower peripheral limb joints. It is a hand crafted leather strap with internal padding, an external high tension cord and stainless steel pulley system with a maximum load of 350kg.

  • Includes a 5kg, 10kg and 15kg shock cord (RRP £45 each).
  • Harness alone weighs: 0.6kg 
  • Door anchor and handle.

The pulley acts as part of the dynamic force equalization system that distributes loads evenly through the strap and prevents adverse force vectoring. Its unique design also allows dynamic loading of the cervical spine with stabilizing straps that detach if the correct angle of force is not maintained. This assures good technique and prevents axial loading during lifting.

Complete Neck Testing/Training Package - NEXUS System + GS Harness + Harness App

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