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GS Harness 

Maintain a healthy spine

Your spine serves a pillar of support for the body's weight and offers protection for the spinal cord.  The spine consists of a series of bones called vertebrae that are stacked on top of each other with cushions call inter-vertebral discs which act to absorb shock to the spine.  The spine can be divided into 3 main areas, the cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (chest) and lumbar spine (lower back).  Over time and through exercise, our back is subjected to stresses and strains that can lead to problems such as slipped discs and chronic neck pain.  The GS Harness represents an innovative tool for you to strengthen the muscles which support your back to maintain a healthy back and prevent disease.

Cervical Spine

The cervical spine contains specially adapted muscles which are responsible for fine movement of the head.  Working with sensory organs such as the eyes and the semi-circular canals of the ears, the muscles of the cervical spine play a key role in balance and maintaining a horizontal head line.  Neck training will ensure these muscles work effectively. 

As we get older, it becomes very important to look after our neck.  With time, changes through wear and tear occur to the bones, discs, and ligament of the cervical spine resulting in a stiffer and sometimes a more painful neck.  This is known as cervical osteoarthritis.  In some cases, the holes from which the nerves of the neck emerge from can become narrow and can compress the nerves.  This can be painful and sometimes may require surgery.

But how can we prevent these problems?  Maintaining neck strength is key.  Many studies have shown that increase neck strength to provide relief to symptoms of cervical osteoarthritis and nerve compression of the neck. 


By strengthening the muscles of the neck, the muscles in turn provide support to the ligaments, discs and other structures which facilitates movement and allows for greater room for the nerves to exit the spine.

The GS Harness offers you the ability to effectively and safely train the neck from the comfort your own home.

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