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Harness Workout

  • What is a rep?
    A rep or repititions is single movement of the specified exercise.
  • What is a set?
    A group of repititions
  • What is the resistance cord?
    The resistance cord is an elasticated band that provides incremental resistance relative its stretch (more stretch = more resistance). In this programme, resistance is specified by cord colour: Red Cords: 0-5kg Black Cords: 0-10kg Combinations - examples: Red + Black: 0-15kg Back x2: 0-20kg The harness also includes a rope (called FIXED) which offers no resistance, this is for fixed training.
  • Why do we use resistance cords?
    We use resistance cords so that we can provide incremental resistance up to the desired maximum resistance during the exercise. This makes it safer to use in comparison to lifting or pulling physical weights as to move the weight, the full force needs to be applied throughout the movement. This makes it safer as the user is able to stop the exercise before reaching the maximum resistance if they experiences any difficulties. This also enables the user to progress the exercise in small increments.
  • Will the resistance cord snap?
    Unlike resistance bands and therabands that are subject to nicks, small tears and punctures that may cause the bands to break, the GS resistance cord has a external safety mechanism. The GS resistance cord has a multi-filament rubber core covered by an abrasion resistant braided polyester sleeve. Therefore, if the rubber core fails, the polyester sleeve will remain intact. This significantly reduces the likelihood of the cord snapping during use.
  • What is tempo?
    Tempo defines the speed of movement of a rep. For example, a tempo of 2-1-2-1 equates to 2 seconds movement, 1 second pause, 2 second return movement and 1 second pause.
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