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Engineering-grade technology from the Formula One car to create this health & fitness product, the GS Trainer.
✅Train anywhere, home, outdoors, gym...
✅Muscle testing. Record how strong your muscles are.

✅Muscle fatigue analysis.
✅Monitors force (kg), define the sets and reps.

✅Custom your workout based on your fitness goals and current strength.
✅Monitor progress/strength over time to ensure your reach your goals!


Download the Excel GS Trainer Analysis Suite. Features:

💪🏻 Peak Strength - Assess all major muscles/joints - a total of 7️⃣2️⃣ tests with pictures to guide you through testing.
🥵 Fatigue Assessment - Assess the fatiguability of your major muscle groups
⚖️ Ratio Analysis - Determine your muscular ratios e.g. Hamstring/Quadricep ratio. Identify aberrant ratios which can lead to injury.
📈 Monitor improvement - monitor improvements over time
📊 Deficit Analysis - Determine where your weaknesses and deficits (if any) are.


Comes with free 1 year warrenty.



GS Trainer Transmitter Unit

GS Trainer Receiver Unit

Robust Carry Case

Door Anchor

Fixed cord for muscle testing



GS Trainer

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